Van Houten Genealogy

Roelof Cornelissen Van Houten is my 9g grandfather and progenitor of the van Houten family in America. The text below is from History of Paterson and Its Environs (the Silk City) Volume 2 by William Nelson and Charles Anthony Shriner published in 1920 by the Lewis Historical Publishing Company.

VAN HOUTEN — The progenitor of the Van Houten family in the region of Totowa was Roelof Corneliussen. There is no record of him previous to 1638, when Roelof Cornelissen Van Houten[FG] was among the emigrants that year to Rensselaerwyck. The records show that four brothers — Roelof, Pieter, Helmigh and Theunis, all sons of Cornells somebody — came to New Netherlands between 1638 and 1650, settling in various places, but ultimately taking up their several abodes at Amesfoort, Long Island. Their descendants took different surnames. Under date of Jan. 13, 1657, the Schepens of Amesfoort assessed Roelof Corneliussen for ten florins. His wife was Gerritje Van Nes[FG], but there is no record to show where either of them came from before their emigration to America. Their children in their later years sometimes assumed the name Van Houten, which might indicate that Roelof was from Houten, a small village in the southeastern part of the province of Utrecht in Holland. The children of Roelof Corneliussen and Gerritje Van Nes were three sons and a daughter Geesje, who became the wife of Lubbert Lubberts in (Westervelt).