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From News For An Empire: The Story Of The Spokesman Review by Ralph E. Dyar


New Owners

Interest in Spokane Falls Review Is Bought by Ex-Soldier Who Set Type for Montana’s First Newspaper and Helped Found the Butte Miner Steps By Which the Review Comes Under the Control of the Portland Oregonian‘s Harvey Scott and H. L. Pittock.

Some two decades before Frank Dallam decided to get the Associated Press franchise for his Spokane Falls Review while the getting was good, an ex-cavalryman of the Civil War, Horace T. Brown, headed for Montana Territory from Ohio, going by way of the Missouri River.

Ohio was the West when Horace Brown was born in Summit County on July 16, 1844. His mother was a Virginian, his father a native of Pennsylvania. While his schooling was brief he must have proved an apt pupil since there is good evidence that he mastered the three R’s. On his own at the age of seventeen, he moved to Indiana and then to Newaygo County, Michigan, where he “learned the printer’s trade” (words that must be used repeatedly in describing the background of Western newspapermen of the eighties and nineties). For two years he set type on a paper called the Republican, published by James H. Maze but not identified either as to town or state. In July, 1863, the month he became nineteen, he enlisted in the Tenth Michigan Cavalry and was assigned to the Twenty-third Army Corps, a part of the western army. His company was kept on special duty in Tennessee and North Carolina for a time. After Atlanta was burned he was one of the fiery Kilpatrick’s five thousand tough horse troopers who joined in Sherman’s march through Georgia to the sea and who ravaged the countryside far beyond the reach of the foot soldiers.

Horace Titus Brown Obituary

Horace Titus Brown Obituary from June 1900 Spokane, Washington
Horace T. Brown Is Dead: Veteran Newspaper Man Has. Passed Away

Saturday Morning, June 21 1900

Horace T. Brown Is Dead

Veteran Newspaper Man Has. Passed Away

Died at His Home In This City Last Evening — He Started the Butte Miner and Has Been Connected Northwestern Newspapers for Nearly a Quarter of a Century.

H. T. Brown the veteran newspaper man died at 11:25 p. m. yesterday at his residence, 2120 Second avenue. The surviving relatives; the widow. daughter Mrs. Alexander Howie, and his sons, Horace Jr, and Waldo, were at his bedside when he passed away. The funeral arrangements will be announced later. Mr. Brown was 55 years of age and was born in Summit County, Ohio. There he received his education and when 10 years old he with his parents moved to the town or Akron of the same State. At the latter place he entered a printing office: and was employed as devil, remaining in the employment of the company until he was 16 years of age. The civil war was raging and he enlisted. During the greater part of the war he was under the command of General Sherman. While engaged in the battle of Clarksburg, he was severely wounded in the knee, the marks of which he bore to the end.

In 1867 he moved to Virginia City, Mont. He remained at that city for four years and was successful in establishing a weekly newspaper called the “Montana.” In 1870 he moved to Deer Lodge city and there brought into existence the “New North West” newspaper. After working there four years he returned to Virginia City and worked for two years more on his first newspaper. In 1876 he went to Butte and, in partnership with Captain James Mills, established the. Butte Miner, of which he acted as manager and publisher until 1886.

He and his family then moved to Spokane and Mr. Brown with Frank Dallan bought a half interest in the Review, which was bring published here. After being connected with the Review for two years the paper was sold out to a new company. Mr. Brown next went into partnership with Henry W. Greenberg and they established a job printing office on East Riverside. After dissolving partnership with Mr. Greenberg he was successful in establishing the Northern Newspaper Union, which later was sold to the American Type Founders company. Since April, 1899, he had been an employee of the Spokesman-Review.

Brown Genealogy

(1) H. S. Brown
& Mary Push
    (2) Horace Titus Brown (1844 - 1900)
      b. 16 Jul 1844, Summit County, Ohio, USA
      d. 1 Jun 1900, Spokane, Spokane County, WA
    & Mary Elizabeth Rose (1851 - 1926)
      b. 14 Mar 1851, New York
      d. 6 Jul 1926, Spokane, Spokane County, WA
      m. Jan 1872, Williams County, OhioUSA
        (3) Horace Oscar Brown (1873 - 1963)
          b. 10 Apr 1873, Deer Lodge County, MT
          d. 1963
        & Margaret Waddell Mack (1870 - 1956)
          b. 15 Oct 1870, Huntingdon, Quebec, Canada
          d. 10 May 1956, Spokane, Spokane County, WA
          m. 5 Oct 1899, Monticello, Indiana, USA
            (4) Helen E. Brown (1900 - )
              b. 7 May 1900, Spokane, Spokane County, WA    
            & Claudius Cornelius Murray (1895 - 1966)
              b. 22 Feb 1895, Spokane, Spokane County, WA
              d. 1966
              m. 26 Jun 1919, Spokane, Spokane County, WA
        (3) Mary Blanche Brown (1876 - )
          b. 24 May 1876, Ohio
        (3) John Henry Brown (1886 - <1900)
          b. 1886, Spokane, Spokane County, WA
          d. bef 1900, Spokane, Spokane County, WA
        (3) Waldo Washington Brown (1890 - 1918)
          b. 15 Feb 1890, Spokane, Spokane County, WA
          d. 12 Dec 1918, Spokane, Spokane County, WA
        & Elma Davis Stephens
          b. Washington, USA
          m. 30 Jul 1914, Everett, Snohomish County, WA
            (4) Ramona Marie Brown (1915 - 1992)
              b. 29 May 1915, Snohomish County, Washington
              d. 10 Jul 1992, Portland, Multnomah County, OR
            & Vognild
            (4) Liotta Brown (~1916 - )
              b. abt 1916
        (3) Mary B. Brown (1876 - >1952)
          b. 24 May 1876, Ohio
          d. aft 1952
        & Alexander Howie