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ERMATINGER, Edward, 1797-1876. St. Thomas, Ontario; fur
Microfilm (pos.), 1818-1874, 35 mm [A01656(2)]

This microfilm is a copy of original material held by the
National Archives of Canada (MG 19 A 2 series 2). Edward
Ermatinger served with the Hudson's Bay Company between 1818-
1830. This microfilm contains letters received from friends
and associates of his fur trading days, 1820-1874. The letters
are arranged alphabetically. The 58 letters from John Tod
(1826-1874) make up volume two. An index to correspondence is
on the film.

Originals at the National Archives of Canada.

Subject Headings
Hudson's Bay Company

Secondary Entries
Barnston, George, 1800?-1882
Clowes, John
Dears, Thomas, 1797-?
Gladman, George, 1800-1863
Hargrave, James, 1798-1865
McLaghlin, David
McTavish, John George, d. 1847
Miles, Robert, 1795-1870
National Archives of Canada
Pambrun, Pierre Chrysologue, 1792-1841
Roberts, Edward
Simpson, Sir George, 1792?-1860
Sinclair, William, ca. 1794-1868
Tod, John, 1794-1882

Schofield Family Data

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Schofield family data [John L. Schofield is my third cousin twice removed – KKM].

British Columbia Archives
Non-Government Records Catalogue

Originals, 1829-1950, 38 cm

Private correspondence and personal financial accounts of James
Hargrave and his family and descendants, which include the family
of John Lockhart Schofield. Records include correspondence
referring to life at York Factory and in mid-nineteenth century
Britain; accounts; wills and marriage contracts; correspondence
regarding publishing of family papers; school reports; papers
relating to the Trail Creek News; and copies of newspapers. Maps
transferred to Map Division; photographs transferred to Visual

Finding aid: file list.

Deposited by John L. Schofield, Chapman Camp, 1959.

Subject Headings
Domestic relations - York Factory
Hudson's Bay Company
Kootenay district (B.C.)
Marriage contracts
Oregon question
Trail Creek News
York Factory

Secondary Entries
Esling, W.K.
Finlayson, Duncan, 1796?-1862
Grierson, Sir Herbert
Hargrave, James, 1798-1865
Hargrave, Joseph James, 1841-1894
Hargrave, Letitia (Mactavish), 1813-1854
Hargrave, Margaret (Alcock), d. 1899
Hargrave, Andrew
Hargrave, Jane
Hargrave, John
Hargrave, Mary Jane, 1848-1873
Hargrave family
MacLeod, Margaret (Arnett), 1877-1966
Mactavish, Lockhart
Schofield, Letitia Lockhart (Hargrave), 1845-1880
Schofield, Elizabeth Maud (Peverley)
Schofield, James Hargrave Alcock, 1866-
Schofield, Letitia Dorothy
Simpson, Sir George, 1792?-1860
Smith, William
Smith, William Gregory