Famous Cousins

Revolutionary War Soldiers

  • Haynes Fitch; Private, 9th Connecticut Regiment (5G grandfather)
  • James Fitch; Captain in the 19th Connecticut Militia (2nd cousin, 8 times removed)
  • James Hall; Botetourt County Virginia Militia (5G Granduncle)
  • Garrit Hopper; 11th Albany County New York Militia Regiment (1st cousin, 7 times removed)
  • John Hopper; Captain in the Bergen County New Jersey Militia (2nd cousin, 7 times removed)
  • John Outwater; Captain in the Bergen County New Jersey Militia, Outwater’s Company (6G Granduncle)
  • Joost Zabriskie; Captain in the New Jersey Militia (3rd cousin 7 times removed)

Civil War Soldiers

Relatives Also Named Kermit

Immigrant Grandparents

Edward William Murray
Although he was born in New York in 1843, he returned to County Sligo, Ireland, when he was 4 after his mother died and then returned to the US with a relative when his father died. He lived in Rhode Island until he was 16, then moved to Juneau County, Wisconsin. In 1862, he went south and enlisted in the United States Ram Fleet (reorganized as the Mississippi Marine Brigade in 1863). He was promoted to Second Master and then command of the Tug Cleveland after the Battle of Island N. 10. In 1865, he married Ellen Catherine Hopper of New Orleans who was the daughter of riverboat pilot Henry Cornelius Hopper. After Ellen’s death, he returned to Wisconsin where he was a probate judge for 28 years.

Andries Willem Hopper
Patriarch of the New Amsterdam Hoppers.

Jan Lubbertse Van Blarcom
David Ackerman
Michiel Jansen Vreeland
Roelof Cornelissen Van Houten
Cornelius Hendricksz Van Ness
Cornelis Aertsen Van Schaick